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For all enquiries and to make a booking, call (UK) 0845 834 0848

An motivational seminar that inspires students to set goals and strive for success

No Limits is Britain’s most attended student motivation seminar – and with good reason. Kevin Mincher shares the success strategies used by top achievers around the world, and shows your students how they can follow in the footsteps of those giants.

According to leading research company, Gallup, ‘hope’ (aspirations for the future) and ‘engagement’ (energy for learning and enthusiasm for work) are proven to be two of the most critical factors that determine each student’s level of achievement. That’s why this seminar seminar focuses on helping your students develop these essential attributes.

Kevin systematically dismantles students’ most common excuses for underachievement and barriers to progress. He then shows your students how to set their own goals, accept responsibility for their results, and use his 4-step strategy for success in school and life.

If you want to help your students achieve more of their potential, you’re definitely in the right place!

“I know that Kevin has motivated many of our students to aim higher and consequently achieve more.”

Anne Quaile
Assistant Head Teacher High Storrs School

4 Factors That Influence Student Performance

For all enquiries and to make a booking, call (UK) 0845 834 0848

Your students will learn:

  • How to stop settling for second best and have higher aspirations for the future.
  • How to stop whining, moaning, and blaming others for their situation, and move beyond the problems that have been holding them back
  • How to accept responsibility for their grades and progress in school.
  • How to stop taking for granted the opportunities that surround them every day, and start taking advantage of those opportunities instead
  • How to become more hopeful, optimistic and develop a positive mindset
  • How to discover their own unique brilliance, identify their innermost strengths and pursue their own passions.
  • How to stop following the crowd and no longer worry about what other people think.
  • How to avoid boredom and stop repeating the mistakes of previous generations.
  • How to stop waiting for their life to get better, and make it better instead.
  • How to set goals that excite them and start creating the future of their dreams.
  • How to unleash their motivation and desire to work harder.
  • How to get (and use) expert advice in order to speed up their achievement.
  • How to try new things and find solutions when things aren’t going their way
  • How to be resilient and keep moving forward when the going gets tough
  • How to take control of their results, move their life to the next level… and much more!

We make the inspirational benefits of a one-off event last over the long-term…

We help students boost their grades in the short-term AND develop positive learning habits that last a lifetime. Improvements can happen in an instant, but positive habits usually take longer to form. That’s why we provide long-term support to the schools that book our Get The Grades You Want seminar. Book today and your school receive these resources to use in lessons and assemblies in order to help your students sustain their progress over the longer-term:

Seminar worksheet & summary

Progress accelerates when students take notes in the seminar and reflect on their learning afterwards. We’ll provide PDFs you can print and use for these purposes.


To keep the energy high and motivation strong Kevin will send you videos throughout the year that a packed with words of encouragement and helpful tips for success.

Motivational newsletters

Kevin shares insightful articles every month that are designed to raise students’ aspirations and equip them with helpful advice and guidance.


Kevin regularly interviews top athletes, successful celebrities and wealthy business people, and he shares their methods with your students.

For all enquiries and to make a booking, call (UK) 0845 834 0848

Independent research about
no limits  revealed:

  • of students said No Limits seminar made them want to achieve more in the future.
  • felt more motivated to succeed.
  • said they had learned things that would help them make their life a success.
  • said they would improve their school performance as a result of what they learned in the seminar.

Our promise

Since 1997 we’ve offered the schools we serve a 100% money back guarantee.

If you aren’t happy with Kevin’s seminar for any reason, you won’t pay a penny. It’s that simple.

What’s more, we’ll let you keep Kevin’s coaching videos, podcasts and newsletters. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain!

We want you to feel totally confident that you’re purchasing a great motivational seminar and package of coaching resources for your students.

This money back guarantee gives you the peace of mind that you’re purchasing a quality programme and won’t be wasting tax payers’ money.


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“Thank you for your inspiring work with our students – We have had some superb feedback from them regards to your advice and guidance.”

Mr. Metters
Deputy Head TEACHER The Bolsover School

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Kevin only delivers 36 in-school seminars every year. These dates are always booked up in advance so availability is allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. Book now to avoid disappointment!

Two convenient ways to enquire and make a booking:

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    This is the fastest and easiest way for us to help you. We are here to answer your calls and assist you Monday – Friday, 9:00AM to 5:00PM.

  • Send an email to and we will replay as soon as possible.

Kevin mincher

Founder of Unstoppable Teen & Unstoppable Schools

Kevin has presented more than 1000 student motivation seminars and is understandably seen at Britain’s top youth speaker. His unique combination of passion, humour and evidence-based insight enables him to help students and consistently produce positive results.

“You really made me see how to not make the same mistakes as others. The things you said and the way you said it made me open my eyes to so many things I have been doing wrong and how I am gong to improve. It so much fun and I can honestly say I was disappointed (for the first time ever) when the school day ended!“

Aged 14

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