The Most Effective Strategies For Improving Learning – Sutton Trust Report

The Most Effective Strategies For Improving Learning…


During the summer of 2011, (when the sun was shining and the days were warm), I was invited to lunch by an experienced Head Teacher called Margaret.

After discussing various education and child-development issues for more than an hour, Margaret asked me if I had read a report that had recently been published by The Sutton Trust following research that had been conducted by Durham University.

The report was entitled, “Toolkit of Strategies to Improve Learning“. I had to admit that I hadn’t even heard of the report, let alone read it.

So after lunch when I returned to my office, I was pleased to find an email from Margaret, with the report attached. I read it with great interest.


You can click here to download the report.


The report begins with details regarding the Government’s new Pupil Premium and how it is intended to help raise achievement among disadvantaged children.

The stated aim of the report was to, “Summarise some of the research evidence on improving learning and attainment to help schools to make more informed choices about how to support their pupils.”

Essentially, this document outlines the twenty most common strategies used by schools to improve learning.

It details which strategies are applicable to Maths, English and Science, the financial costs associated with each strategy, and the average gain that a student could expect to make if the strategy was implemented in school.

As you might expect, strategies such as employing teaching assistants, reducing class sizes, and one-to-one mentoring feature in the report.

What interested me most were the three strategies that proved to be the most effective at raising achievement. Here they are…


The Top 3 Strategies for Improving Learning

1. Effective feedback

2. Meta-cognition and self-regulation strategies

3. Peer tutoring / Peer-assisted learning


I cannot tell you how delighted I was to see these three ranked as the most effective at raising achievement in schools because these three pillars of power have been the focus of my work in schools for a long time.

When I first started delivering trainings on effective feedback, meta-cognition and self-regulation strategies (which I’ve been teaching since 1997), and peer tutoring / peer-assisted learning, I never actually had any independent research that proved their effectiveness when implemented in schools.

These strategies just felt like the right things to do because they had worked in top performing companies and sports teams around the world – and it just made sense to me that they would also be effective in schools.

I created programmes such as How To Win, myCOACH, Skills Coach, You Can Make A Difference, and The Connect & Inspire Method because I wanted students and schools to benefit from these performance-improving strategies too.

Now Durham University and The Sutton Trust have provided the external validation that some people will need to know that Unstoppable Teen is helping schools in the most effective ways. 🙂


Doing the right things to improve performance

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