What Do Celebrities Think About Learning & Hard Work?

Better Grades
What do Steven Spielberg, Drew Barrymore, Manny Pacquiao, and Beyonce Knowles have in common? They love learning and hard work!

It turns out that celebrities love educating themselves 🙂

They love learning because they know it’s an essential ingredient for success in the modern world.

If only more students had the same attitude towards their work at school!

In my quest to help more schools inspire their students I’ve pulled together a collection of inspirational things famous people have said about learning and their attitudes to work.

I’ve put these quotes into a rolling PowerPoint presentation for you to share on the plasma screens and interactive whiteboards around your school.

My intention is help more students realise how important education really is, and to inspire them to do their best at school. Let’s see if it works!


Simply click here to download the presentation.


Please feel free to share this PowerPoint with as many of your friends, students and colleagues as possible.